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aquatic competition 2022

Liquid Lens is proud to present its annual Aquatic Photography Competition. With a specialised emphasis on water-based photography, this competition aims to encourage and promote some of the finest emerging female photographers, who share a collaborative passion for the underwater world.

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Founders of Liquid Lens, Talia & Vanessa, are ecstatic to announce the first all female underwater photography competition in Australia. They’re both accomplished photographers who met through the dive industry just a couple of years ago and started talking. One of the common denominators they found was that many women underwater photographers felt that their images and work were not worthy of being displayed or entering competitions. There was plenty of self doubt and perhaps even a slight fear to enter what has predominantly been a man dominated industry. They both come from very different backgrounds and have been fortunate to be inspired by all the men and women who have made a name in the underwater photography world; so they would like to bring in a new generation of women with their own view of the underwater world.

In their own words: ‘We have been working on this unique platform and competition tirelessly for the last six months. We strive to provide a place where uw photographers can ask questions, learn from their peers and well established artists who can then enhance and ignite their passion to show their personal view of the underwater world. For our first ever competition, we’re very happy to announce that we will be partnering with Oztek 2022 where the winning images will be displayed for public viewing.’

Entries into the Liquid Lens Photography competition will commence May 15th, and are open to all female photographers specialising in water photography. 

Please ready all competition details carefully, as failure to comply may result in disqualification. 

All competition winners will have the opportunity to be showcased in OZTEK 2022, one of the leading dive exhibitions in Australia.

Liquid Lens would like to thank all participants for their entries.

Judges will begin deliberations shortly to determine this year's winner of our annual Aquatic Photography Competition.

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