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Jayne Jenkins - I have been diving in Sydney for over four decades. My love of the ocean led me to my second passion and that was taking images underwater. Starting off with a Nikonos 11 progressing to the Nikonos V, I learned the hard way when you could just take 36 images and not see what you had taken until processed. Stepping up to the digital age was a new ball game but now, years later, I am still enjoying taking my camera on every dive. During this time, I feel lucky to have been a small part of documentaries such as Chasing Coral and BBC Natural History programe on Seahorses called Fierce Queens. These days rather than enter photo competitions I judge them and run some photo trips. I donate most of my images these days to conservation causes and you will never find me in the water without my camera.

Follow my adventures at https://www.jaynejenkins.com/bio.html & on INSTAGRAM

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