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Karolyn Landat - I have been diving for 13 years and have over a thousand dives under my belt –over 90% of those with a camera! I got into photography to distract me from the cold when my dive buddy/husband would sit in one spot for ages shooting tiny subjects.


I got his second-hand compact cameras initially (starting with the Sea&Sea 1G with YS27 strobe!), but eventually got my own and now I shoot with a Nikon dSLR (& occasionally an Olympus TG4). We dive regularly here in and around Sydney but usually go on at least one overseas dive trip a year. We recently discovered blackwater diving in Anilao in the Philippines which I absolutely love –so many weird and wonderful creatures to discover that come up from the depths. But I also love wide angle (especially sunbeams)!

Click on the images for details.

You can follow Karolyn’s journey on Instagram @photodiver_k

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