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Lena Remy - Lena started diving in 2007 on the shores of Bass Point in the Australian state of New South Wales, and immediately fell in love with the feeling of breathing underwater. A year later, she relocated to her home country of France, diving the Mediterranean Sea. It was here that she started underwater photography, taking turns with her husband (and spotter) Nicolas. As it turned out, the Med wasn’t as lively as the South Pacific, and by 2012, she had begun diving rebreathers so that she could dive longer and enjoy more (and closer) interactions with marine life, while minimising time carrying heavy gear! Besides Australia and France, she's also dived the Red Sea, the Azores, South Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia. These days, Lena is back in Australia and loving Sydney’s awesome shore dives.


To see more of Lena's Journey, please visit https://www.nicolaslenaremy.com

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