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Learn how to capture the true essence of the waves and it's riders, by legendary surf photographer Fran Miller. Fran has been mastering the art of wave riders since a young age, and has developed a fresh, artistic perspective on the craft of surf photography.

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General Information

Date: June 14th, 2022

Time: 7am - 12pm

Location: Bondi Beach

Capacity: 8 Pax

Price: $200

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What you will learn

- Composition of surf imagery

- How to optimise your settings

- How to shoot Action & Speed blurs

- Creative/Abstract module

- Selection of Lenses and Equipment

- Etiquette in the water

- Post Production

- Transform your passion into artistry

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What to bring

In order to attend this course, it is a requirement for you to bring the following:

- Camera and Lenses

- Underwater Housing

- Fins and Wetsuit

Sunscreen, towels, and snacks are recommended.

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