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Aimee Jan

Underwater Photographer

Aimee Jan is an award winning underwater photographer based in Western Australia. With a passionate focus on Whale sharks, Humpback whales, and turtles, her main drive has been to capture the beauty of our oceans in Australia's beloved Ningaloo Reef. 

As Winner of Ocean Photographer of the Year 2021, Aimee's lifelong love of the ocean and marine animals marks her as one of the leading female figures in ocean photography.

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Bec Piper

Underwater Photographer

Bec is a successful QLD based Underwater Photographer and Cinematographer; and is currently an ambassador for Aqualung AUS/NZ. Her imagery stands out for portraying some of the most iconic and large animals at sea such as whales, sharks, mantas and many other pelagics.


Her passion for the ocean is indisputable, and she is well known and sought after in the Cairns dive, boating and photography industries.


As an underwater camera woman, you will most likely find her shooting in remote locations for long periods of time, producing media for underwater productions.


Bec is used to the hustle and bustle of these fast-paced environments, hungry for extraordinary imagery only some can dream of.

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Sue Crowe

Owner OZTek | OZDive Show

Sue first learnt to dive in 1990 in Jamaica while doing hurricane aid relief and hasn't stopped learning since! Returning to Australia, she became a scuba instructor while working as a journalist and then became Editor of Scuba Diver Australasia.

A big part of Sue’s life revolves around conservation; she has taken part in a variety of roles at renowned institutions, including the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Diving has ultimately shaped her life and career, from travel, teaching and writing to working as the Director of Tabata Australia for over seven years.


In 2015 Sue bought the OZTek Advanced Diving Conference which has now morphed into the OZTek | OZDive Show. She now gets to meet talented and accomplished divers from all over the world.


This year the OZTek | OZDive Show takes place in Melbourne. Make sure you don’t miss it!


More info on OZTek | OZDive Show
https://ozdiveshow.com.au / https://oztek.com.au

For more info on OZTek visit:


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