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Macro - 1 Karolyn Landat.png
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Juvenile Wonderpus (Wunderpus photogenicus). We found this critter on our first ever blackwater dive in Anilao, in The Philippines, which was amazing. So many weird and wonderful underwater bugs to be found at depth under bright lights at night at our favourite macro destination in the world!

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I have been diving for over 12 years and taking photos for 11 of them, initially playing around with a second hand compact camera as a solution to keep warm, since swimming around in circles while I waited for my buddy to get his shot would use up too much air! It was intermittent relief though, so I got a drysuit and then started playing around & having fun too. Several years and cameras later I now shoot with my trusty old Nikon D7000 with which all of these shots were captured. I've always loved macro, the challenge of finding critters, getting a good shot and then identifying it later. Blackwater is our latest passion with the myriad of cool and crazy critters to be found. But I love wide angle too - nothing like good viz, and sunlight, a scratch-free dome and a fun subject like a seal to shoot! I dive at our local Sydney sites regularly, at least weekly with my buddy/hubby and friends, and we've done a fair bit of international dive travel, lugging the camera gear to far flung destinations including Micronesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Bali, Fiji, Iceland and France - with hopefully lots more to come!

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