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A large school of Blue Maomao had condensed inside Rikoriko Cave in the late afternoon. In the low light of the zone between sunlight and cavern I played with a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of the school, throwing some fill flash to sharpen individual fish. I framed a Mado that was moving with the school to give a splash of colour against the monochrome maomao.


My photographic journey was born from a desire to communicate to people stranded on dry land the incredible landscapes and wildlife of the underwater world. I believe that documenting the underwater world is not just about capturing crowd-pleasing images, but about contributing to our understanding of the ecosystem. I spend a lot of time photographing weird stuff that holds little interest to most people, from the secretive spawning of sundial snails to remote Mexican caves and their caches of archaeological remains. My underwater photography has expanded in sync with my diving qualifications. I love nothing more than to find ways to safely incorporate photography and videography into my cave diving and technical diving. I am a contributing team member for the Mexico Cave Exploration Project (MCEP) and the Hoyo Negro Project. I’m also one of the founding members of GUE Project Baseline Tank Cave in Australia. I enjoy incorporating my photography into these projects. Living in Auckland, New Zealand, my photography and videography are hosted under the brand "Inspired To Dive".

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